Free EOS and BTC in Coinbox Dapp?


Before we start, let me tell you what is FAUCET. You gonna hear that word a lot in the future. So it’s good to know about.

FAUCET is a page, where you claim free coins. Like really free amount of coins, no cheating. It’s true. Many Dapps on EOS blockchain has its own faucet page. It needs to attract users to the Dapp.

So, now you can use a special platform to claim all coins in one platform - called Coinbox: EOS and lot of other tokens. No need to claim in other Dapps, just go to this platform.
However, it’s a new platform, a lot of things is still improving there.
Try by yourself and decide whether it’s good or not.

Article to it:

Link to Coinbox:


How does it work? What should I do for the start?


By the end of this day(03/18), the team will finally Launched Bitcoin. They built the System. so users can claim free amount of BTC. You just make registration in a few clicks and that’s all.