From our Medium: EOS and privacy. Some thoughts



Great write up, would be great for Dan to explain some of these points.


I am very happy to read that from you rene as it was in my mind also during the last few weeks and I was wondering whether some else out there would have the same views about it. I mean EOS and Blockchain with persistent data storage viewable by anyone through a block explorer can be very negative. Think about a social media comment that you posted in anger, - you regret it having said that maybe later on but you have no chance to delete the statement, as it is stored forever in the blockchain. Is this any good? Everyone can see everything, no privacy anymore? Everyone has to declare who he is what he does what he looks like?
Shall we vote publicly our parliament or president in the future ? Shall we never be able to withdraw a statement by deleting our written history on the web ? Blockchain should enable Freedom which means free choice and the opportunity to change one s mind as this is true development of a human being. Some issues need to get solved with blockchain technology and public data stored forever in this modern database isn’t maybe not that good.


Yes, and don’t forget that people might even link your EOS-account to Ethereum if they scan out the contract, so your Ethereum-address is now public as well and linked to your EOS-address.

The idea with EOS Storage is that a hash (which is an address on IPFS) is posted on the blockchain. So you use a “Steemit-like” dApp and post a comment. You could delete the data afterwards but you can not remove the hash from the blockchain. So I guess you can delete a post but not the hash pointing to that post.

Overall I think that you have several options. Maybe use a different address in your account for every dApp?? Don’t know, we’ll have to see when things go live.

People value privacy though.


thanks rene now I understand what is going on, will look deeper into it