Hive quarantines Justin Sun, Boid fights the coronavirus and EOS Nation brings DIY liquidity pool - Up for Discussions

Hello everyone, so every Sunday we hold a public meeting in our discord channel to go over some of the things we’ve been working on in the back as well as to talk about some of the content that have been posted on Discussions.

If you would like to have to share your thoughts on some of the things we bring up, free to leave a reply on this thread, or any of the Discussions threads mentioned below, we’ll be watching those threads for comments.

You can catch last week’s show here:

Up for Discussions - EOS Nation shakes things up, Binance startes staking (and voting) Ft. Jimmy D of Trybe.One


  1. First #ATMOS staking reward just went out! Check your balance on
  2. Keep up with Discussions 2.5’s progress.


  1. WSB starts with 10k ATMOS contest

Content Discussions

  1. Steemit starts mass censoring posts
  2. Hive comes out strong

Break/Partner Update:

  1. Discussion QuickCast - How Boid is fighting the coronavirus. - #boid

Content discussions continues:

  1. maker_down
  2. EOS Nation and Bancor bring DIY instant liquidity to EOS

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“Public speech is not a series of public speeches, but rather one’s own words spoken openly and without shame….I desire a society where all may speak freely about whatever topic they will. I desire that all people might be able to choose to whom they wish to speak and to whom they do not wish to speak. I desire a society where all people may have an assurance that their words are directed only at those to whom they wish. Therefore I oppose all efforts by governments to eavesdrop and to become unwanted listeners.”

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