How can I get access to my EOS?


I registered my tokens etc. Am I wrong in assuming I now have EOS and should be able to access them with a wallet?

I downloaded the Infinito wallet and pressed the Activate EOS button. That adds EOS to the list of currencies but when I tap on it, it says “No account name. Currently, Infinito wallet does not support EOS with missing and account names”. I have my account name but there is nowhere in the app to enter it.

Is there any other way to see my EOS? I don’t want to trade them, just to know I could if I wanted to.



Looks like Infinito wallet is not supporting migration from other wallets yet. So unless you had the eos erc-20 token already in that wallet it won’t work.

I would use another wallet. I suggest Greymass wallet. Google it and download from GitHub. Make sure you are using a legitimate wallet before you enter your private key into anything. Here’s a guide:


Thanks. I’ve downloaded the Greymass wallet. It works as you say.



Working for me - you can go on their Telegram. The team is very friendly and helpfull. Also, they’ve added a section to their FAQ for EOS Users. It seems you just need to close and open back the app.