How payment for services through cryptocurrency can eradicate poverty

Prior to the conception of the cryptocurrency market, making money online was already in existence. Freelancers with varying degrees of expertise in various fields are always enthusiastic to make some bucks online in the comfort of their couch in their living room or lying on the bed wearing just pyjamas and a T-shirt. This method of making money of course is quite interesting with minimal stress unlike the regular 9-5-day job.

However, newbies; people with less expertise has a different inclination towards making money online. Such people believe that there is free money on the internet and so they jump on the train overwhelmingly, only to get disappointed and frustrated on the long run because of the complexities and hurdles that have to be overcome before you really start making reasonable amounts of money online. One of such complexities is the issue of payment; most of these websites that offer payments for freelancing and other activities online pays through PayPal and PayPal has placed restrictions to the use of their services in most developing countries due to some policies. Another problem of these newbies is that They don’t want to create a sustainable online business like the experts do which entails you starting from scratch by spending some money to build lists of targeted potential prospects through different streams of advertising platforms, solving problems of people thereby creating value in their online business and consistency.

Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies have to a great extent reduce the problems of payment for services rendered online. So many companies had incorporated as one of their mode of payment and it is so great because those people that gave up on online business(es) years ago now have a renewed interest in online businesses. I see countless testimonies by people living beyond poverty line in developing countries about how cryptocurrency has transformed their lives. As a matter of fact, I for one, prefer payment through Crypto than PayPal and the reason isn’t far-fetched. Cryptocurrency has a high tendency to appreciate over time than the fiat currency sitting idle in my physical bank account.
Also, new cryptos are emerging daily effortlessly. These new cryptos offer a program called AIRDROPS where people can get paid some amount of the cryptos for evangelizing (through different social media platforms) about the new crypto. However, one thing is required here and that is patience. You need to have patience so as to not only receive the airdrop but also to sell the said airdrop (if you so desire) when it has appreciated greatly at a much later time.
I think that we can at least impact positively on the lives of people around the world by evangelizing about the many opportunities that lies in this goldmine: CRYPTOCURRENCY. For a start we can do this by tipping few amounts of cryptos to boost their morale in boarding the cryptocurrency train. This will of course go a long way in curbing poverty to the barest minimum and we will see a world that you and I have always craved for.