How to check an EOS address balance?


I want to check how many tokens have been registered to one of my registered EOS addresses. How do I do that? Is there anything like an EOS block explorer for EOS address checking yet?


There was a snapshot done not too long ago which is updated regularly


I think as of right now, you would have to know the ETH address and then check it that way. But I could be wrong.

Here is an interesting link of the top wallets accumulating EOS. Looks like someone has 35% of all EOS so far. Does this look correct, if so that is pretty wild.


I am thinking that 35% is the reserve account for distribution. Can anyone confirm.
The other big balances must be exchanges?


This is the Ethereum address for ICO participation.

The balance you can see under a “Token Transfer” tab at the Etherscan for a particular address.


Cool, thanks! So are some of those large holders, exchanges and such?



did you use mew? … if so go back into your wallet to contracts… and go through and instead of reg eos click “keys” follow the info … the address should show up if you do it correctly