How to register EOS


I want to invest in EOS. It’s not clear to me how to register the coin. I’ve got the eos now on could anyone Make a good how to do in Dutch? maybe an idea to use this topic in all languages? If new members want to invest, they can use this topic for that. In the future everything will become clear to me, now I have to learn a lot. thanks alot


I did some interaction with their contract in the beginning, but it can be quite a thing. Later on I bought EOS tokens on an exchange and just moved them to my ethereum address. Here’s a video. I know it’s not Dutch (helaas :wink: ) but it should be helpfull:


Hi all

I bought EOS tokens on an exchange and moved them to my ledger nano S with myethwallet
and now I want registred for claim eos tokens
but my problem I see 0 eth in my “myethwallet”
How I can solved this problem ?

thanks for your Help


Your EOS do show up when you look at “view tokens”. It says it’s worth $895,27 so I guess you’re good isn’t it?? It won’t show any ETH as you don’t own ETH at the moment. EOS is just a token on the Ethereum network. It isn’t ETH itself. Or do I miss something??


Hi rene

thanks for your answer
but for my problem it’s how I can make for registred my 500 tokens eos ? without buy ether


This part isn’t really clear to me either. I guess we’ll see more details if some registering is needed at all. A lot of people got tokens from an exchange. So as long as your EOS is in your ETH-wallet you should be good. Each transaction is already interacting with the contract. And when the time comes things can be moved to the EOS blockchain we’ll probably know exactly how to do that.


Thanks rene

I agree with you
waiting it’s the best solution


You are going to need a little bit of ether to register your EOS public key, there really isn’t any way around it. Make sure you do that, that is the most important thing. Even though your tokens are claimed, doesn’t mean you have mapped your Ethereum address to your EOS public key.


Hi all

I don’t understand why I’m not registered.
how do I know if I’m going to get my EOS tokens?

many thanks for your Help


Hi all

in your opinion I am well registered or not ??? I have a doubt


I have to imagine you were not registered before the last snapshot. I think they did it in November or early December last (correct me if I am wrong). So if you just recently registered you would not be in that snapshot.

It looks like you did everything correctly.

BTW…where did you find that validator tool? I didn’t know it existed.


You will have to get a bit of ETH in your account to register them, about $3.00 worth. If you have a hard time getting that, I can send you a little bit.
See this post about registering questions, it was quite helpful.



link for validator


for the fee not problem


Thanks for the link.


Finally, you can use this simple tool to check your EOS registration and balance


Thanks for your link


Hi you need some eth gas when doing the transaction so create a Myetherwallet put some eth in their and then transfer your eos to your wallet reg it it will cost about 90000±10000