How to use EOS Fallback key? Missed registration



I just realized today I need to register my EOS, as its obvious, I missed the registration, my EOS was on the Exodus wallet. (it said not registered on my wallet) I have followed the instruction from eos authority and got both private and public key from Scatter. However I have no clue of what to do next after I got those keys. I tried using SimplEOS wallet, but I have no chances of importing the Exodus wallet or importing existing key.

The whole process was very confusing, could someone please point me in the right direction, all the information I found are related to already registered token, I want to know how do I get access to my EOS as of now being frozen.

much appreciated.


hi do you mean you reg with scatter and gen random pri and pub keys ? if you went to … you would have gotten your eos key and acc name by entering your key … little confused as to what you mean


After more digging and emailing both Exodus support and Eosauthority both told me to wait for now, same as the link you provided if I put my ETH address a message saying

" Your tokens were not registered correctly and fallback didn’t apply to your account. Your balance has moved to the EOS Mainnet but will not be accessible until you take action. You might have to wait a while"

The EOSauthority support gave this link below to check for upate on this matter, anyone with EOS frozen token that can’t fallback, can check this site, there is a update right below with date, they are discussing with other block producer, the support also mention will take around 3 to 4 weeks.

I’m just passing the information I gather, i’m not expert on this subject.



glad to see you have a solution … all the best thanks for the heads up


Thanks for this @zloth.

Although I think you still didn’t get an answer in regards how to use your fallback pub/priv keys once you have one that can be used over your registered/unregistered ETH account (not sure why you call your account frozen thought).

Is it just creating an account for the fallback pub/priv pair and you are done? Or there is something else that still needs development?



This should be it. That’s enough.


“frozen” I meant that I am using Exodus Wallet for my EOS token before the registration, and since I did not register on before the deadline, my tokens are now frozen in the wallet I can’t exchange or withdraw it.

As I mention my tokens was not registered and fallback didn’t apply to my account. EOSauthority support told me to keep an eye on the site as they are discussing what to do with this problem. The EOS mainnet did have the record of my balance on my address, they’re just waiting for the producer’s decision.

here’s the pic of the site I mention, finger cross


hi I have that same porblem I didn’t registered my few EOS address on time… anyone know how long does it take unlock frozen accout?..


I am assuming (when creating the account), that you can also use a different active key as long the owner key is the fallback key right?

Does anyone have an example of a fallback key (public key) for me to check on some details on the blockchain?



in my opinion best software for change ETH priv key to EOS priv key is from EOS-CAFFE , 4Ykw U can check this address as example 0x198c5785201734B1256983c61F713CbA10c7DEfa , this address havent outgoing tx and must waiting for other solution, EOS-AUthority looking as the best team for this i think :slight_smile: