:question::question:Guess the name and win EUSD
BetSand will launch a new game in January 2019. From now until 12:00 am on December 31st 2018, anyone who guesses the correct name of the new game with the help of three countdown posters text clues shall win 1 EUSD bonus (1 chance per person), Only 30 EUSD to be won, that makes it 30 lucky winners.
To participate in this bonus send your guesses to any admin @Julie or @BeverleyJe via PM where we shall confirm to you whether your answer is correct. Those who guess correctly will provide us with their EOS account and 1 EUSD shall be sent to them.
Caution :warning:

  1. There are three posters that will be sent to the group every day at 00:00am (UTC);
  2. Anyone can guess in the group but we confirm ur answer through a personal message;
  3. Everyone has only one chance to confirm the correct answer.
    Good luck❗️