I have claimed my EOS, should transfer them to the ETH already registered?

I bought some EOS in a distribution period, and after having registered my ETH addr, I proceeded in claiming the tokens.

I am not shure about what to do now, I don’t want to sell my EOS in an exchange, so maybe I had not to claim them, but now that I’ve done so, what happens? Will I be out from the snapshot? Or am I obliged to make a transfer? Is it safe to use the same ETH addr used for registration?

Thank you very much if some can address me, probably it’s a silly question, but I wonder if anyone has the same doubt :blush:

There is a difference between claiming tokens from the ICO and registering them for the snapshot. For the latter you’ll need to create and EOS-address. That one starts with the letters EOS.

So make sure to register your EOS-tokens on the Ethereum-blockchain. That’s the best way to get your tokens on the real EOS-blockchain once it goes live.

Another option is to keep them on an exchange and let them do the swap for you. But that brings some risk.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Rene! I bought my tokens with the ICO, have already created my EOS-address, and registered it with my ETH metamask address into the EOS Token Distribution page. Then, I “claimed” my tokens, and the page actually says

Token balances 0.08 ETH
0.0000 EOS (unclaimed)|
1.9304 EOS

You say to “register” my EOS-tokens on the Ethereum-blockchain, do you mean to proceed to transfer them after claiming? What happens if one claims his tokens, and not transfer them?

Common sense says to me that if now transfer the tokens from the ICO to the ETH wallet, I will be in the same safe position of who has bought EOS from an exchange, created the keys, registered an ETH address, and transferred there his EOS.

But I am curious about what happens to ICO-born tokens, claimed but not trasferred: I can’t find the answer into the faq :blush:

You should be good then. Your EOS-address needs to be registered in the ETH-contract. What you actually do at that moment is signing the EOSxxxxxxx address with you ETH-private key.

The snapshot will just read:

  • This Ethereum-address has 200 EOS-tokens
  • This EOS-address (starting with the letters EOS) is registered as the one for the EOS-blockchain.

So in the first block when EOS starts you’ll have your EOS-tokens on the EOS-blockchain in the first second from start :sunglasses. Have a look here:

I have no idea actually…

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