Inter-blockchain? Multi-blockchain? With special guest John C and John Heeter. Up for Discussions April 26th

This week we have a two special guest joining us, John C who worked on IBC

About Up for Discussions - Every Sunday we hold a public meeting in our discord channel to go over some of the things we’ve been working on in the back as well as to talk about some of the content that have been posted on Discussions.



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Special Guests John Chamberlain, and John Heeter of Boid.

Hot Headlines:

  1. Block.One announces Hackathon to fight covid19
  2. EOS Canada drops BP duties to focus on dfuse
  3. BlockBase goes live on EOS
  4. Scatter 12.1.0 released
  5. Boid Season Four starts, join the Discussions Team!

in depth discussions:

  1. Experience EOSIO IBC
  2. IBC for Boid
  3. DAPP Network multi-chain
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Links for more context:

Where to find John C:

Where to find John Heeter:

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