Interview with the CEO and Founder of ONO, a Social Network Launching on EOS


After finding this article on PRnewswire, announcing that ONO will be the first social networking DApp to be launched on EOS, I immediately became fascinated by Ke Xu, the 23 year-old Chinese entrepreneur who seems to be headed towards an extremely bright blockchain future.

I reached out to Ke Xu on Telegram requesting an interview and to my surprise, she agreed. I spent the following two days on Chinese websites, Google translate by my side, doing a deep dive into her previous blockchain business successes as well as her personal philosophy. I learned about her past success building a social network app called ERA, which had over a million users in a short time, and which attracted a lot of high-profile investors. Her team also created CryptoDogs, which is like CryptoKitties 2.0 for a Chinese audience.

Facebook and other sites that use people as their data mining products have good reason to be shaking in their shoes right about now.
Ke Xu is fiercely determined to create an entirely new social network that does not sell user data, but instead is based on the principles of freedom, human value exchange, integrity, decentralization and a commitment to creating deeper social experiences. Facebook’s model is dead, and a new blockchain-based model is about to be born. Ke Xu represents a new generation of entrepreneurs who have deep philosophical roots and are willing to fight for what we know is right: our data belongs to us, not to Zuckerberg.

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Great article! Thanks for sharing. We’ll probably see a number of social networks on EOS. Block.One is also working on one. I will probably go with the one that respects my privacy.


I’m going to be looking to add support for these social networks to BlockPress. I will prioritise the ones I’m most drawn to using unless someone pays me (or otherwise incentives me) to do otherwise. :sunglasses:


@stellabelle I just found the steem version of your article:


Congratulations on becoming the leader of international operations @stellabelle!