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Hey everybody, thanks for viewing this forum. My name is René and I’m a 40 year old guy from the Netherlands. I’ve been active for several years as a mod on MaidSafe’s SAFE community forum and got excited about EOS as well after I saw Dan’s introduction video. When I found out that Francis was also excited about EOS we decided to start this forum to share our interest in EOS. I’ve been working with Francis for several years now on the SAFE forum (he’s an admin over there) and we learned quite a lot about internet discussions and community. This forum is 100% runned by volunteers (2 at the moment :rofl:) and we put up the first few bucks to get us started.

Let’s start the EOS talk right now!

I am anthony. I am a new member in site

Hey everyone, thanks for joining this forum!

My name is Francis and I’m a 23-year-old web developer from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I’ve been very interested in decentralized applications since 2012. It’s also around that time that I first learned about Bitcoin.

I’m a big fan of Discourse (the software that powers this forum). I’ve been the main admin of the SAFE Network Forum since November 2014. I also have a lot of experience working with René since he’s one of the moderators of the SAFE Network Forum.

I’m very excited about EOS and I look forward to seeing it working in production next year! :slight_smile:



Nice to meet both of you and thank you for your work. I have been looking for an EOS community for sometime now. I look forward to being an active member and learning more about EOS on this journey. Dan was the first person that I ever saw speak on decentralization and has opened up a can of worms for my life. The EOS project will hopefully be a progressive disruption to the crypto world and lay the foundation and infrastructure for greater adoption. I am looking forward to the coming year. Cheers!


Hello All!
Very nice forum! I’ve been following EOS since it broke down from $1.77… and “price” does not matter to me … I’ve been doubling up my shares every time it drops 50% and hope it keeps dropping! % of the network is the more important at this time … people are too worried about it creating a beautiful price … I prefer investing in its valuation. Check out my Steemit @daverex … I follow everything on EOS and put up charts … recent chart predicts price to drop to 30c where I plan to double up.


DAVE_REX pleasure to meet you.


Hey Guys! My name is Sebastian, I am a developer and I am a big fan of EOS Technology.

We are interested in building some dApps on top of it, so we are playing around with the software right now.


Hello all! I fell down this rabbit hole several months ago and I’m still trying to find my way out… I will stop by this forum every once in awhile for my dose of nEOSporin to treat this itch.


Very cool! Do you have any specific projects you are working on that you are ready to talk about?


Hi Guys,

I’m new to cyrptocurrencies and have recently discovered the EOS project which appears very promising. I look forward to learning and contributing more.



My name is Anders, live in Sweden. Started reading/investing in Bitcoin 2012ish, went over to Ethereum when they arrived. Investing in EOS and will invest more when opportunity is given.

Still working part time as electronic engineer at a quite big company, want to work full time in crypto space. Haven’t found where to fit in yet.


Hi all,

My name is Francis, I’m a front end developer and graphic designer from Montreal / QC / Canada. I’ve been in crypto since summer 2011 when I bough my first bitcoin in person from a guy mining in my area. Then I start mining with cpu, gpu and asic, and lost a ton of cash with Butterfly labs mining machine.

Now I diversified my wallet with some ether, eos and other smaller ico. I also start a t-shirt company called But I have no EOS t-shirt because I still wait for a permission to use their logo for commercial purpose. :neutral_face:

Anyway I’m glad to be here and hope this project gonna take off! :rocket: (to the moon) lol


Good afternoon all, I’m Chris 29 years old from the Netherlands. I only came into contact with the world of bitcoins a couple of weeks ago. I hope to learn a lot of you!


I like your thinking. Now following you on Steemit. Stay sharp!


Hello Sebastian, are you located in Montreal ?


Excellente initiative Francis et René. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer à nouveau le 22 novembre prochain.


Nop, in Toronto… you?


Near Montreal. I am currently exploring smart contracts development (recycling myself in C++). My former experience was in client/server business software. I have a lot to learn, but I enjoy the process. Will keep in touch.


Longtime Bitcoin follower (2010) who didn’t invest til 2013. Soon after, I heard about Invictus Innovations and Stan and Dan Larimer. Dan’s philosophy has always meshed with mine: “free market solutions to protecting life, liberty, property” and I’ve been interested in his work since that time. Thanks to Jeff Berwick, I discovered EOS a few months back. Glad to be here.


Great! Similar boat here… I am web developer (lately work mostly node.js & javascript is general), but I am exploring C++ and want to get really into web-assembly to been able to build dApps on EOS.

For now I have a few ideas but the one I like the most is to build a crypto wallet on EOS.


Hi everyone,

We are Tokenika, a group of entrepreneurs aspiring to contribute to the emerging EOS ecosystem.
We are the guys behind @tokenika on Steem.

For more information, please take a look at our website.