Introduce yourself


Hey, welcome. Feel free to make a topic in the #apps category for your project :+1:.


Hi, My Name is Natalie, but you can call me Chickee :grinning:
I’m a Communication Professional like UX/UI front end development, and marketing.
I first started getting into bitcoin because this video game called second life…

Now, I like to explore cryptocurrency projects as a user and I invest in coins to play or make mistakes learning is fun so I’m always learning something new.
I’ve been watchin EOS since it’s first crowd share and the thing about eliminating the gas really made me smile and be interested.

I am a Canadian living in Montreal.


Posts on how to setup Eclipse are very informative and appreciated. Keep on Tokenika!


Hi folks,

My name is Paul and I’m a blockchain enthusiast. Although I initially got into bitcoin in 2012 through poker (anyone remember Seals with Clubs?), recent years have found me much more engaged with blockchain technology in a philosophical/economic/political sense.

I believe blockchain technology will facilitate dramatic and positive change across the globe. (A quick read on that front that might resonate).

I guess it’s no surprise that Dan Larimer’s mission of developing free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property have deeply resonated with me.

I look forward to engaging with you, the community, in helping develop the EOS operating system in a valuable and sustainable manner.



Hi All, I’m John Paul, a fellow crypto enthusiast and big fan of BeyondBits, and have followed the same for a few years. Excited to see what EOS will bring to the world. I also have a youtube channel for which I’ll be focusing more on EOS (from eth).

I’m living in AZ, and hope to put together some meetup groups in the area for EOS. Consider connecting on twitter!


Hello, I am a plant medicine provider currently residing in Central America. Big fan of EOS and looking forward to the positive social change that EOS brings about. Also looking to start learning about and using another Dan Larimer project, Bitshares.


Hello my name is Vance I’m 23 years of age and from The Bahamas. I want to hopefully launch a fintech company on the EOS network.


Hey ho to everybody! My name is Dan and I am working for the TravelChain startup which is now on BitShares graphene but we’re thinking on moving to EOS in future. Most of the team strongly believes in the idea of EOS and BitShares - engines to really power the future. That is the reason of my desire to get in touch with the EOS community


Hi everyone,

My name is William Remor from New Zealand. I am starting to develop Dapps on top of the ethereum network and came across EOS from a developer. I am willing to experiment development on top of the EOS as an potentially more scalable/faster alternative. That’s why I am joininig the community to gather views from more experienced folks.


What types of Dapps are you interested in developing?


HI all,
this is wang from CHINA,i am 30years old,i have a little factory which is mainly producing electric scooters,2017 is a hard year for me ,because scooter business has very low profits,but i still have a dream on the scooters and lithium electric cars.
in 2015 i came across blockchain,but i invest nothing on it ,last month i came across eos and i invest some cash into it,i really hope it can go to moon,so i can hire more workers on my electric scooter business.


Very specific desires Wang! :motor_scooter:


Hi Rene,

Will here from Vancouver, Canada. Happy to start seeing people using the EOS platform. Is it me or is EOSForum super sleek!


Welcome buddy, good luck with your scooters and investment, you made a wise move.