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Hi there,

I’m new here, and rather new in Crypto. Dec 2017.
Also from the Netherlands, just like Rene.
I work as real estate investor and developer.



Hi everyone,

I’m from France, i’m an IT Student in part-time. I discovered EOS six months ago and cryptoWorld 1 year ago. I have some skills in dev (C, C++, C#, Powershell,PHP, Ruby) and i’m interested in IT Infrastructure that’s why i follow EOS. For me EOS is the real future of IT Architecture.

Best regards,


Hi everyone just bought my 1 EOS from an exchange, love to communicate


Hi everyone!
Im 34 and Im from Russia. Trading crypto for 2 years. Bought 25 EOS several days ago at Binance. Hope the project will moon)



hi everyone

form new zealand homing it in australia need to change my language from cnc to c++ … looking forward to this new revolution taking shape … so many solutions so many choices my fav …EOS … quite simply a no brainer ? … enjoying everyones comments …



hi everyone:

This is jason from EOS90S team in Changsha city China , we are running for EOS super node now .

Our team have 10 members now and based in Changsha city Hunan province , we trying our best for show the EOS technical to chinese and the world . and our goal is : show the EOS, show the future !

Please join in us now , Twitter :@eos90s , wechat : eos90s, steemit :eos90s.

Best wishes !

Jason - EOS90S


Hello there I was actually messing around w AI automation research and then noticed strange overlap w blockchain which is probably best captured by Meredith’s work w RChain/rholang but I think EOS and IOTA will ultimately be stomping through the same ground. Basically, the blockchain world is really the first to get serious (at least outside of Wall Street) about shifting the programming burden onto the machine itself


Hi everyone.

I’m a developer who is looking forward to mainnet, ready to make some things.



Hey everyone,

With the excitement looming around EOS mainnet launch, I thought of writing a step-by-step guide on how to convert EOS ERC-20 tokens to EOS mainnet tokens using MEW or MyCrypto



Hi all,

Great to join this EOS forum, I am an EOS coin holder, manager of Crypto Asset Management Facebook group and founder of

Crypto Cashback Coins is a free shopping club for the blockchain era. Once registered, a percentage of what you spend online with our listed retailers will be sent to your blockchain wallet in a crypto coin of your choice.

If the demand in the forum is there we can add EOS to our crypto cashback coin product list for CCC to EOS exchange.

If you have any questions or require further information please let me know.

Best wishes,

Crypto Cashback Coin


I am anthony. I am a new member in site