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Hello Everyone. I am from the smart crypto solution.
I found eosforum on the internet. A great community, little bit excited to know the new stuff on this forum.

Thank You

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Hello everyone! :slight_smile: I have just joined and I like EOS since first introduction.
Some people confuse EOS crypto with

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It’s future of crypto currency.

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So radical? :slight_smile: Aren’t there any other coins that can become a future of the cryptocurrencies?



On the one hand I’m new on this forum. On the other hand I’ve been in crypto subject for 3 years know. I consider it a great opportunity to make your fund grow bigger. Cheers.



so I’m new to this forum I hope to see more eos apps soon for eos and also I’m new to eos to about a bit over a week the 3 dapps is karma and murmur and eos knights



Heh everyone! Corey Cottrell here. Crypto Investor since mid 2017. EOS HODLer since 6 months before mainnet swap. Now completely focused on the EOS ecosystem. Just started learning to code and have a few different tokenization projects in the works. I cant seem to learn fast enough!! I’m obsessed! but VERY new. I managed to get a token launched and its function will mainly be to incentive people to recieve future airdrops from future projects. Kind of like a highly informal seed round, but focused far more on community creation than $$$. you can read a bit more about it @

Next Goals. Have token visible in Meet.One and EOSlynx wallets. Be tradeable on DEX.

If anyone has any experience with this please @ me!! cheers everyone!