Introducing! Highest paying DICE DAPP on EOS Blockahin


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to announce , highest paying DICE DAPP distributing 100% profits to the token holders!

We are currently running the following promotions. As the platform develops and gains popularity, we will add many more of these!

  1. Token Distribution For every EOS wagered, you will get 20 WIN tokens. The distribution ratio is halved after every 10M token distribution.
  2. Daily Leaderboard: The user who wagers the highest number of EOS on a day receives 100% of the house edge fees that were deducted from his transactions.
  3. Daily Jackpot: 10% of the total HOUSE EDGE is given to a random bet id selected by a smart contract every 24 hours!
  4. Early users Reward: First 100 users to bet 1000 or more EOS (in total) will get 20,000 extra WIN tokens each.

Join early to earn more