Introducing Wallet For EOS (check EOS token balance)


Aim to serve the EOS Token holders via helping them to right away track their crypto coin balances with Wallet For EOS. Unlike the conventional platforms widely available online, that enables with access to EOS account balance (main EOS coin), Wallet For EOS comes with an exclusive function of managing the end user’s custom tokens in EOS platform.

Wallet For EOS is exclusively crafted for knowing the balance of your custom tokens built in EOS platform. End users can easily access to their crypto token balance by entering their token contract name and account name. Wallet For EOS is flawless, extensive and encompassing with all essential particulars.

One can seamlessly track the details pertaining to resource information like RAM and Bandwidth. Wallet For EOS gives account info like EOS, RAM (used/quota) and Bandwidth( CPU and NET bandwidth). It shows the status of both delegated and staked bandwidth to know the current status of the user.

Secondly, the platform gives the glimpse of the token holder displaying his account information; the main token balance, his/her current holdings with respect to total supply and also provides with a visual display on the percentage of ownership acquired by the token holder.