Is it possible to rent EOS coins to a node builder


I recently know about EOS and find this project is so interesting, I really like it. trying to know more about this new coin. I heard that one of the feature is I can rent out the EOS coins. I also heard that the EOS network blocks are produced in 21 nodes. I am wonder if I can rent my EOS coins to somebody who want to build one of the nodes but without enough EOS coins to do that and can earn some EOS coin back as rental fee when every year this node get reward coins. By this way, the reward coins not just shared by 21 nodes, but also could be shared by EOS coins who would like to share their coins or even their resources, It will looks like to be more decentralized in this way. Execuse me if my thoughts looks stupid as I am new to the EOS coins


You need to hire ¨resources" like RAM and calculations on the EOS Virtual Machine. So when some social media dApp becomes popular they need to hire more resources by staking EOS-tokens in a contract.

What you can do as a user is donate some capacity to that dApp by staking some coins for them. You can always get them back.

These dApps don earn EOS-tokens as block producers. That’s something else. Looks like this:

  • Dozens of Block Producers that run full nodes.
  • The top 21 (with the most votes) are allowed to make the blocks. This can change though… depending on if they keep their votes or not.
  • dApp-creaters hire resources on the network.
  • As a user you can stake tokens for a dApp you like.


I’m guessing that this part will also include staking to dApps via a marketplace, where you can pick the best offer. Sort of like the delegation market places available for Steem Power on the Steem Blockchain. Although of course, I also suspect such a tool will need to be created by someone…


Thank you for the details explaining, that looks nice to me, will be watching the progress of the project and doing some more research. Thanks!


Yep! If we can staking to dApps via a marketplace, that will be nice. I didn’t know I would see a project like EOS 2 years ago, so maybe one day in the future, someone will create that kind of tool, wish we can see more nice stuff coming out.


I will likely want to rent out most my own EOS initially, unless my own projects are more successful than I suspect. I hope I have bought more than enough.