Is RAM a market for onchain storage?


Hi I just started to play with my Eos. Turned out I had to by more ram to play games. So now I have hoarded 1MB of ram. Does this mean I can fill/spam 1Mb to the eos blockchain size? At the moment the BTC blockchain size is just over 200Gb how big is Eos chain and what is the groth rate?


EOS has a virtual machine in it. Think of it as a virtual computer where the top50 block producers all run the same machine. So for an account on EOS you’ll need a bit of RAM and a bit of CPU and Bandwidth.

Better not to store anything in RAM as it is very expensive. It’s there for things like your account name and the projects that run software (dApps) on the virtual machine.


Ok, Thanks for the answer. Is there a place to monitor the eos blockchain size?


I don’t know. You might wanna check the blockscanners I guess. It’s big for sure.