I've registered. Do I need to do anything else to get airdrops?


If I’ve registered my EOS address, but if I don’t switch my tokens over to the EOS mainnet address for, say, a year, am I still able to claim all my airdrops at that point?

In other words, do I need to do anything else in order to claim airdrop tokens like IQ, EOX, Evolution, LAB, RIDL, etc?


That really depends on what aidrop projects do. Some will use the snapshot made tomorrow, but a lot of others will probably scan the EOS-chain itself. Now the good news is: on the new chain you’ll also have your tokens. So if I make a guess I would say that you’re probably good.

On the other hand… Some projects might add extra rules:

  • Only drop on “active” addresses or addresses that once have voted for a Block Producer by staking.
  • Only drop on addresses that have been active on EOS over the last few weeks.

Who knows!