Just some info please


Yes, that’s the best thing to do IMO. Or you could trust the exchange to do it for you. But better be safe than sorry.


Thank you, I suppose I should be creating a wallet for each coin as well, like rpl.ada.eos for example. does that mean I shouldn’t leave anything on an exchange unless I’m going to buy and sell. my type of investing is to find a company i like, then invest for the long term, 5-10 years. thnx again.


Ethereum supports a lot of tokens in the ERC-20 format. You can store these at one Ethereum address. Other tokens like Ripple have their own system. So make sure to do some research on what token is provided on what system.


I have ethereum on coinbase. Can I
Just send my eos to that address and then register that address with eos ? Sorry for the follow up, I’m on the road If I do does the eos show up as eos in the eth wallet. Or is it better to just create the mew n send it there. Thnx again.


I would keep your EOS away from an exchange. So yes, store it on an Ethereum-address using MEW for example. You can use MEW to register your EOS-address as well.


So going in the line of the above post, I have EOS in MEW and now that the main net has been launched what happens with the EOS coins in MEW ?


It’s frozen. You can never move your EOS-tokens on Ethereum. You tokens are now on the EOS blockchain.


Thanks for your reply, how can I move EOS coins from mainnet to my ledger blue ? and I have noticed I have EOS airdrops on MEW what happens to them ?


I don’t know

Yes, I got some drops on my Ethereum-address as well. Which is weird because these projects will run on EOS. I have no idea what happens to them. Maybe some exchange on Ethereum picks them up, who knows.


interesting topics…


Yeah, I think it is better to transfer coins to a separate wallet.


I guess there are won’t be any problem if you transfer from binance to mew, cause both of them are trustworthy ones


Agree with the advice about separate wallet. I think that’s the solution of your issue.


Does MEW still work for keeping EOS?


I have recently noticed that numerous dapps are moving to EOS. Why is that?


I believe that yes, haven’t noticed any changes in the policy


Yes, EOS tokens still on MEW, as google says.


yeah it’s better to choose the one trustworthy wallet or exchange


I guess EOS has got more flexible development features. The transactions are faster as well. Perhaps, it’s more adapted for the Dapps development, in general.


I believe so. Just look at the number of dapps being currently developed on EOS!