King's Kosta Koufos Knows EOS


A cool thing happened today.

My son and I bumped into Sacramento Kings center Kosta Koufos while we were out and about in Roseville, CA today.

As we approached, Kosta saw the EOS t-shirt I was wearing and said, “Cool shirt!”.

I asked, “You know about EOS?”.

He said, “Yeah. I’ve been reading about it. I’ve been into crypto for a long time. I got my first Bitcoin back in 2011.” One of the head dudes at Trezor helped him set a cold storage wallet up back before there was a Trezor.

I asked him if many NBA players knew about crypto. He said most know about Bitcoin, but most of the players still don’t know much about Ethereum and all the other altcoins and blockchain projects.

So cool that an NBA player knows about EOS. That really blew me away.

The word about EOS is spreading!

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Nice, I live in elk grove ca. Good to know that you’re close by, we should do a crypto meet up in Sacramento. I wonder if people know about EOS around here.



Hi Samuel. Well met! I’m actually in the Nevada City area. Each week, we have Crypto Junction meetings on Thursday at 3pm at the Crystal Junction in Nevada City. We get anywhere from 30-40 people turning out each week, and peeps coming up from as far as Sac. A lot of them know about EOS… they can’t avoid it… I wear my EOS shirt everywhere! LOL


Good to know, Im going to try and make it there one of the Thursdays. Its a little drive though. Im personally huge bitshares fan but I also hold some EOS. I will let you know when ill come up.