Mainnet migration missed


Hi guys,

Let me explain the situation first:

  • I invested in EOS during the ICO.
  • I claimed my tokens before the end of ICO.
  • I kept my EOS tokens in MEW and did not do anything with them until today.

To get my EOS tokens back, I found this website:
When I check with my ETH address, I got a public key and an account name that seem to have been automatically created at some point.

Following this guide, I try to get my EOS private key back from my ETH private key, with Scatter Chrome extension:

There seems to be an issue because the public key that I get using this process doesn’t match the one that pops up when I click on “Check my EOS” on their website.

I then contacted EOS Authority on Telegram, and had private chat with Rohan who is part of the “Core Team” shown on the Home page of the website.
He asked me to fill a form, that includes my ETH private key.

Do you guys think I can trust Rohan and that form?
I already know private key shouldn’t be shared, and I don’t need to be reminded that. This seems the only way to get my EOS back, so if some of you guys know anything about EOS Authority and their reliability, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile: