MEW and claiming EOS


Hello all,
I have read 5 topics but i cant wind solution for me, can anyone help me? I sent 0.05ETH to EOS contribution adress 15days ago but i still not received tokens, i used claim all and used gas at first 90 000 second 300 000 and third time i tried 1 000 000 gas but transaction result was out of gas can anybody help me? i dont know how to use my eteher wallet. Thank You


The gas doesn’t seem to be the problem here. For me it’s a long time ago when I used the contract. Hopefully someone else can help you here. Maybe some answer here?


Please help, any advice would be great.

I sent my EOStokens from my MEW to the EOScrowdsale before I registered my MEW. I then registered my address and I have checked that my Public key and MEW are registered, which they are, but my balance is 0 though. So I did step 1(get keys) , then 3 (Send tokens to crowdsale), then 2(register)! The register failed on gas and I didn’t check it before I sent the tokens I thought you had to send the tokens.

Question is, will it still link up after June 1st and I can then claim my coins. Or is there any way to get them back now or is there a way after 1st June to show proof of ownership and claim them? Or am I completely screwed?



just curious if this was the free giveaway … or the actual site