Missed deadline for registration


i missed deadline for registration, generated fallback keys, tried to register (and claim):
As you see - transactions failed.
What should i do now? Can i exchange EOS, move them or anything else? Should i wait something? What date?

Many thanks for the answer!


You tried to interact with the EOS-contract on Ethereum. This contract is frozen though, if you didn’t register there is a fallback method where you use your Ethereum private key to get your EOS on the EOS-blockchain.

Give it a few weeks and they will release a tool for that.


Thank you, Rene!
What is the best place to wait notification about release of such tool ?


I would follow Reddit and Twitter.


I also have unregistered EOS tokens on my ledger. I am so scared to use a private key. i thought you were not suppose to give private keys to anyone


You shouldn’t give your private key to anyone! But if you have unregistered tokens on Ethereum you need to get these tokens on EOS. This can only be done using your private Ethereum-key in a tool that uses that private key locally. So that it will never leave your computer.

Wait for a tool that has support from different big Block Producers. Will take some weeks probably.


Sorry if i am being difficult but are you telling me i should use scatter and follow the fallback instructions or I should wait? is scatter safe?


Scatter is safe but I don’t know if they support the fallback mechanism currently. You can add an Ethereum-address to Scatter but that’s used for the Ethereum network as far as I know. You want your tokens on the EOS-platform. So I would say, just wait. Nobody is able to move any tokens on EOS right now, you can only vote.


eos authority (dont know who they are) have instructions

eoscafe (also dont know who they are) have instructions

Thanks so much for your help


Sorry the first part of my message didnt come through.
So you are saying i should not follow the above instructions eosauthority or eos cafe


Ahh, didn’t know that already worked. Yeah, you could follow the link and see if it works for you I guess.


I also missed to register my EOS. I had it in my MEW , and understood that I have to wait until 1 of June to be able to swap it to the new EOS. It is because I did a fork from bitcoin, and I had to do it like this. Wait for the fork wait for a new wallet and import the private key. When the 4 of June arrived, i look and … Horror, i had to register it before. But I bought it in an exchange and understood to register was for the people buying in the ICO, and that mine where already registered because I bought them in an exchange.
Now, i tried the link you write here, and this Scatter application does not work like in the video. the menu to input your ETH address does not exist anymore. I think cryptocurrencies will be difficult to implement, if you lose your money so easy, for not understand some instructions. I will follow this treat, to see if there is a chance in the future to rescue my EOS from my MEW. Thank you for the support, I will come here from time to time to see if there is any solution. I hope…


I also failed to register because I thought it will be like a fork, that once it happnes, you download the new wallet and import your keys. It is because I bought EOS in an exchange and sended it to my MEW. So, I tried the software, writed my ETH private key, and it generated me my EOS key pair. I tried 2 times, and generated me the 2 times the same key pair. Now that I have my Private and public EOS key, what else shoulfd I do? Please. Thank you for the link and for everything.

Try this software. It works. Try it. Now I have EOS private and public key for my ETH address. What else should I do?
Can somebody help me and tell me what else should I do. Thanks to everybody.


Try this link. I generated my EOS Private and public key with my ETH private key, today 18 of June 2018. It works. I generated it 2 times.
Now, what do I have to do with my keys? Do I have to register it somewhere? Thank you for any help.


I am also in the same situation in that I don’t know what to do with my keys - I understand that the EOS mainnet is now live but cannot find any information of what to do with my fallback keys to access my tokens.
I am a member of the EOS Authority Telegram group and there is a link to unstake your EOS tokens but this does not recognise my EOS public and private keys so I think that this is just for those who registered their MEW addresses by 1st June 2018.
Please help.


Guys i missed the eos token registration, should i use scatter now?,

I see Rene says to wait, im such a newbee. Any help would be great


Did you try to send the EOS tokens back to an exchange by using the newly generated EOS public key from the MEW? I you do decide to try this please let me know if it works as I really do not want to lose my EOS tokens and cannot find any way to access them.

I contacted blockone for help and this is what they told me:
Block.one has not and will not initially be launching an EOSIO Platform. It is suggested that the community would launch such platform and include as many EOS Tokens as possible in the genesis file, including EOS Tokens residing on an unregistered Ethereum address.
However, Block.one does not guarantee such a platform will be launched and is not responsible for launching such. It is at the sole responsibility of the community to launch such platform. I suggest you to seek out to the community or the Block Producers to find out if EOS Tokens reside on an unregistered Ethereum address is included.

The community could be reached by the link : https://eos.io/chat


I will post here if I get any solution on Tuesday 26. My MEW hasn´t any outgoing transfers and I don´t have gas to sent out any token. I will send some ETH to the MEW in 2 days, and then do one outgoing transfer, and then see if the EOS explorer, recognizes my EOS in my EOS address that I generated with Scatter and with the EOS.IO software.
By the way, last time I looked in Binance, withdrawals and deposits for EOS were closed. Are they trading EOS already now?


Yes, use scatter acording to the instructions to get your keys, and then go to your MEW and try to register your EOS. I think this is the way i works, but you need to have one outgoing transfer from your MEW account because if not I read it does not work. I also bought inan exchange and thought that the register was for the people buying in the ICO. Let us know if you make any progres please.


Once you have your EOS keys, I think you have to register like in this video.

Let me know if you try. Thank you