Missed deadline for registration


You can no longer use your Ethereum-EOS-tokens. The EOS-contract on Ethereum is frozen. There’s also no way to register anymore. Nor can you move EOS ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum to the EOS Blockchain.

If you had any EOS ERC-20-tokens during the snapshot at the begin of June you should be good. Your tokens are on the EOS-blockchain. You’ll need your Ethereum private key to recover them. Be very careful with that!

You need the fallback method as you see above. That way your Ethereum private key will create your EOS-public key. You public EOS-address should start with the letters EOS…

You can use that keypair in tools like Graymass-wallet and Scatter.


I have tried all of these wallets but did not create my EOS keys by 1st June. Result: My EOS keys are not recognised.
I have been doing a bit of research an the only option there appears to be is to wait for the network to upgrade the eosio.unregd contract with functionality that will allow you to provide proof that you own unregistered eos tokens in your mew and access them.
If the case is that I have not created my EOS keys correctly and someone has managed to add their EOS tokens tgenerated after 1st June to an EOS wallet then please let me know which wallet and what they used to generate them (I used Scatter) and I will try to create them again.


I have gone through the video but this only applied to registering the EOS tokens prior to 1st June.


Have you used you Ethereum Private key to create a EOS-public key?? That’s what the fallback method is all about.



There all I need also help. I did not register My EOS address. Please What Can I do?


see the link in my reply above.


ok Guys i used scatter to generate my public and private EOS keys, so what can i do with these keys now?, is there an EOS wallet i enter then into so i can see my balance or is there an additional step i have to do now?

thanks guys


Hi Rene,

I created my EOS public key (and EOS private key) using my Ethereum Private key. However when I use my EOS public and private keys in the recommended EOS wallets they are not recognised - should I be using th Ethereum private key with the EOS public key i.e not the EOS private key?


The fallback method is only to recover your keys. I assume that eos-wallets won’t accept the format of the ethereum private key?? Don’t know for sure.


Next to a private en public key you also need an account. There are websites offering to create that account for you. You have to search one that fits your needs.


I heard some hot wallets are now planning to support users to register account name, hope it’s helpful!


Are these the websites that offer accounts in exchange for the purchase od some RAM - has anyone tried this and been successful in accessing their EOS tokens and how much did it cost you?


These websites have to stake a little EOS to create your account. This EOS will become yours. I haven’t tried one of these websites myself. You might wanna check reddit for some more info from people that have tried it.


Do you know how much it will cost to open an EOS Account and are you quite sure that if I have a EOS public and private key through fallback then I will have access to the wallet by having an account?
Which website do you recommend to have the account opened?

Also, I have read that someone who already has an EOS account can open an account for someone else - is that true and do you know anyone who has an account who is willing to help?


Opening an account right now is quite expensive. I think it’s in the 20 usd due to the high price of RAM.

For the fallback I don’t know all the details. You might wanna check reddit and youtube etc.

EOS is still quite new and not all edge cases are fixed yet.


Cheers Rene,
I may just wait to see if there is a cheaper way to do this through an unregistered token smart contract that the network may set up.
One thing though - What are edge cases?


Help me please I have left 200 eos in MEW via a Trezor what should I do to recover them, because I can’t get my ethereum private key.
Anybody a solution , please help,
kind regards rob (dutch)


This should be it Rob:


Never tried it myself though, but you should be good getting your tokens on EOS.


Hi @rene.

What people is asking everywhere is what then you do with your EOS fallback pub/priv keys if you do not have an account under those?



I don’t know if there were accounts created for the fallback method. Otherwise you have to find a website where you can create an EOS account and then use your keypair as shown in the video.