Missed deadline for registration


hi I was late with register my token too… fallback method from eos-cafe not working in my case because my eth address havent outgoing tx. anyone know how long does it take to solve this problem… maybe I should add my addresses for reclamation process??..


Hi @hodler999, in case of addresses where you did not have any outgoing transactions, you need to wait. It’s probably down on the bottom list of all priorities.

This does not mean you are going to get your tokens yet. Just means, there is no solution yet.


nice to hear it :slight_smile: You saed me from heart attac :speak_no_evil:


hey all I have that same problem I was late with registration: and FALLBACK not working
now best info are on the site: https://eosauthority.com/blog/what_to_do_if_you_are_unregistered_EOS_Token_holder

What should I do?
As of 18th June 2018 - Please Wait!
As of 28th June 2018 - Please Wait!
The Block Producers are discussing this on every meeting since 21st June.
As of 6th July 2018 - Please Wait!
There is now a solution that works in early testing. We will need the larger BP community to review codes and then we can agree on next steps.



I am in the same boat. Have you resolved your problem? My tokens are still on my Trezor 1 and don’t know how to obtain the private key. Even when the block producers figure out what to do with the small percentage of unregistered tokens I’ll still be stuck without the private key correct?


hi Zingsthings welcome on the boat:) U are welcome on the telegram too https://telegram.me/EOSIOSnapshot there is pleace with many other peoples with this problem.


Hi All
Im hoping someone can help me make sense of all this.
My EOS is in a mobile Jaxx account abd I missed the deadline.
I entered the address into the eosauthority webpage and recieved the message you can see in the attached image

So im confused. Does it mean I have 200 tokens at the launch of the mainnet?
It says that I can access my tokens using the key theyve given but how?
It also says I have an account name. Whats that for?
Wouldnt they need to be registered for me to have an account issued?
I tried the fallback option to register as suggested but because my ETH is on a ledger nano I dont have access to my private key unless I install some weird app that needs to be compiled and I have no idea how to do that.
Can someone please help me work out what I need to do?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


ok can you guys recommend the best place to create an account?, i have seen a post on here about namevault.co to create an account, can anyone recommend this method?

thanks guys


Can anyone help? Im really stuck here.


The EOS tokens on Ethereum are all frozen/blocked. So you need to use the EOS blockchain. Have you registered your tokens before the launch? If so you’ll have an address that starts with the letters EOS… You should use that one (an it’s private key) for a wallet
Everybody got some sort of random account name.

If you didn’t register your EOS-tokens before launch you should search for the “EOS Fallback method” where you can use your Ethereum private key to get your EOS-tokens.

Hope that helps a bit.


Thanks Rene

I didnt register before the cutoff and the fallback method isnt wirking because my ETH is on a nano ledger which means I dont have access to the ETH private key.


Never used a nano ledger, but this link says you can get your private keys out of it:

That’s always what you need. You own the addresses so you should own the private keys.


ok i created the account name at namevault.io and are using the simple eos wallet so how do i send my eos tokens from my jaax wallet to my simple eos wallet now?, this whole process is all very confusing.


Any update on this. My eos is still locked in my jaxx account.

Surely this is theft?

I paid for coins. Rules changed. No more coins.


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Do you recieve your EOS coins?