Missed registration


Hello, I was on the road and broke down, i was unable to register my EOS that i have on Binance. Rene answered a few questions for me regarding how to register prior to the due date. Obviously i have missed it. one issue i had was creating a MEW, all advice said if it didn’t say LLC and have a lock in the address, to not use it. i couldn’t find wont with the correct info. I haven’t been onto Binance yet, they usually taker a while to respond. I guess my question (s) are , does anyone know if my EOS on Binance will be worth anything? would they have registered my tokens? is there a way to still register my tokens? any help. thanks,


If you’ve had your EOS on an exchange than they are responsible for registering their addresses and they did. So if you log on to Binance you should find your EOS-tokens like before. And in a few days they’s on the EOS-blockchain itself.