MonolithEOS - New Blockchain Space Game Coming to EOS (Last 2 Days To Register)

Hi everyone!

We are launching a space game called MonolithEOS, a multiplayer space game on the EOS blockchain soon!

MonolithEOS is a game where players to join one of the two teams and play against each other to hack the monolith - which is a mysterious object from the space that holds immense power to save the planet - by using monolith tokens. There will be prizes if you win and we recently increased the prize pool! :smiley:

To play the game, players will need monolithEOS tokens, which we’re now giving out 1,000,000 for airdrop of monolith tokens from now until 1 December.

You can sign up to receive the tokens required for gameplay here It’s totally free.

You can find us at our social links if you need to ask us anything!
We hope that you will support us and enjoy the game when its live :slight_smile:

Telegram Channel: