Moving EOS from Kraken to register them?



Should a holder transfer their EOS from Kraken(if they are kept there) to an etherwallet and from there register them through a newly created EOS-wallet(public and private key)?
Or will Kraken do this for the holders prior to this announcement or something? Or will I have to move them out of Kraken exchange and register them with a new EOS-wallet?

Another question, will the EOS-wallet have some kind of scan after/before the 2nd of june where holders can see their EOS-tokens? Like for example “etherscan” has for ethereum?


I would keep my coin of exchange. So yes, store it on Ethereum using My Etherwallet for example. You can use MEW to register your EOS-address as well.



Also, when I have registered my tokens in myetherwallet and I can see the string in myetherwallet, under “Read”, do I have to something else more after that? Or have I then secured my EOS?

Is that what the “snapshot” means? Or do I have to do something else as well before the 2nd june?


The snapshot is done few days before EOS goes live. It is done by the Block Producers. They scan the Ethereum-contract and do a read out to get all registered EOS-tokens in the genesis EOS-block.

Use the link I provided before to check your registered balance :+1:


Hi everything is done … go to your eth wallet and on the side click add eos token (from the scroll down bar) do a refresh and they should show up next to the balance of your eth … hope this helps