MyMillions - game by EOS



We offer you an absolutely new, modern project in the economic strategy genre based on the blockchain technology by using smart contracts. My Millions is the first economic MLM game in the world, where you do not need to think about the administration honesty and other unpleasant things. You will have to become an owner of various enterprises you will earn real profit from. Your profit entirely depends on you!

My Millions - This is an economic game by using smart contracts. It allows players to earn real money. The process is quite simple: you acquire an enterprise - manufacture products - sell products - withdraw your profit.

There are 4 types of enterprises in MyMillions which will bring you income. Each of the enterprises can be improved up to 7 level.




In the table of levels you can find out the cost and profitability of any enterprise.





Partner program
Any user of the project who invested at least 1 EOS in the project can participate in the partner program. The program provides a number of awards for certain actions of your referrals, as well as referrals of levels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Referrals are the users who registered in the project after following your referral link. Referrals of level 2 are the users who were invited to the project by your referrals of level 1. Referrals of level 3 are the users who were invited to the project by your referrals of level 2. Referrals of level 4 are the users invited to the project by your referrals of level 3. Referrals of level 5 are the users invited to the project by your referrals of level 4.


The income calculator calculates your profit you earn from the enterprises you acquired. At the same time, the calculator does not take into account possible bonuses, earnings from the Leader Race, profit from contests and awards for attracting referrals. The calculator calculates only the net profit for the day, month, and year, taking into account the profitability of every factory you bought. In order to calculate our possible profit, enter the required number of enterprises in a special form and press «Calculate the profit» at the bottom of the page.

In this section all resources obtained from the enterprises are sold automatically. All funds obtained from selling are credited to the user’s account automatically, too. The member can withdraw the funds found on the balance. Assets are sold automatically if there are at least 1,000 items of resources of one type. This is a fixed sale rate and it does not change.