Need help - accessing eos and unstaking. - passing away of father in law


Hi there everyone,

Unfortunately my father in law passed a few days ago. He was heavy into EOS to the extent he had staked his eos etc.

Anyway, I am struggling to access/transfer etc. He has a ledger nano but not sure if anything is on it. He also told me about airdrops.

I managed to unstake using eosvote he had installed on his laptop. Now I need to wait 72 hours.

I still need to transfer the eos tokens but also the airdrops which I don’t know where I would find them (on eosvote or another eos site I see the tokens relevant to airdrops but don’t know where to find them to transfer them)

Hoping someone is willing to connect with me on what’s app to help me through the process or give me ideas etc.



Hey, sorry to hear about your loss. I would suggest Scatter Desktop as the wallet to use.

Some of these aidrops can be traded on an exchange like NewDex for EOS tokens using Scatter. You might also wanna check this one:

Hope that helps.



I had scatter so I will try it out and read up on it to see how to transfer and access tokens


Hi Alex,

From eos-voter wallet you can do everything you want because when you see your EOS and the airdrop tokens in the wallet, they are not really inside this wallet but in the EOS blockchain and they are connected to your EOS account (the 12 letters like giydkmzqgige).

If you want to transfer the tokens, just open your eos-voter wallet, unlock it with the password and click on “Wallet” on top of the eos-voter, then click on “Send Tokens”. A windows will pop up and you can put the EOS wallet name you want to transfer the tokens ( Destination Account), in the “Token Selection + Quantity” drop down menu you can chose the token and put the quantity you want to transfer. You can keep the “Transfer Memo” empty if you wish. Then just click “Confirm”. It is very easy.

You can also visit the site {PUT YOUR EOS ACCOUNT NAME HERE} where you will see the quantities of ALL your EOS and airdrop tokens.

If you see any tokens in this site that it is not shown in the “eos-voter wallet” you can add them in this wallet. Just click on “ToolS” menu on top of the wallet, chose “Airdrops / Custom Tokens” menu, then click on the blue bottom “Add Custom Token”. A windows will open where you can put the “Contract Account Name” that you can find in the SITE {PUT YOUR EOS ACCOUNT NAME HERE} . For instance, if you have 1 000 SEED, below the quantity you can find the “Contract Account Name”. In the field “Contract Asset Symbol” you put SEED (in this example).

I hope the above can help you.

Regards from Portugal,