Needing Help With EOS Purchase/Transfer


Hello all. I’m new to EOS and crypto in general though I have done considerable research. I’m interested in buying EOS and need some help wading through the steps to get it purchased and stored on my Ledger Nano S.

Steps I’ve taken so far…

Funded my Coinbase account. (USD Coin)

Set up my Ledger.

Added EOS app to Legder.

Created an EOS account.

Set up Fairy Wallet.

I planned to move my USD Coin to GDAX, purchase ETH, move that to an EOS/ETH paired exchange and purchase EOS. Where it breaks down for me is getting the EOS to my Ledger. I want to make small transactions until I know my way but I’ve seen that some exchanges have minimum transfer amounts greater than I want experiment with.

I’ve watched hours of how-to videos that claim to be step by step but they all leave out critical steps they’ve done before recoding the video and then don’t cover them.

I would greatly appreciate some guidance with this in language a noob would understand. Some possible exchanges to look into would be nice as well. So much of what I’ve read is somewhat dated and I’m sure there are alternatives beyond what folks have written about.

Thanks so much in advance for your patience and help.



Hi there! Have tried to write to the support? It’s better to write and ask them, cause sometimes there are no people in such forums like this one to answer technical questions