PitchingPennies DAPP [ICO] every 2100 blocks. plus live prototype!


Ever played Pitch N Toss? It’s an old-school game in which people throw coins towards a wall and the one who lands closest to the wall takes all the coins. I have found a smart contract on reddit that lets you play Pitch N Toss with real Ether using their developed smart contract. (you choose a block, that block becomes the wall and the person who throws Ether closest to that block wins all the others’ Ethers, if you hit the wall (transaction appear after the target block), you will be participating in the ICO. Every 2100 blocks the contract will automatically distribute 10,000,000 satoxi tokens among ICO participants of that distribution period according to their contribution.)
The Eth version is the proof of concept for ICO, the complete version is going to be on EOS!
If you just want to participate in ICO but don’t want to play, Create a newGame for targetBlock 0 and toss to it, wait 2100 blocks then claim! I learned it the hard way! Read the instructions carefully.
The contract address and the instructions is available in their reddit:

if you wish to play please use this gameID: “HammersGame5MilliEthAt6086086”
the target block is 6086086, toss amount for each player is 0.005 ether
(if you use this gameID you won’t need to waste gas to create a new game, and I will get airdrops. So it’s a win-win for me and you)


II’m not following this… With EOS, (not pow, dpos) aren’t blocks fairly predictable?!