pixEOS gallery and future of NFTs. Special guests Fred of pixEOS and Adrianna of Cypherglass

This week we have a two special guest joining us, Fred of pixEOS and Adrianna of Cypherglass.

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Special Guests Fred of pixEOS, and Adrianna of Cypherglass.

  • pixEOS is where Games and Art collide. pixEOS will develop the first arts and games smart-economy on the EOS blockchain where pixEOS tokens have multiple utilities and support the artists, promote and present their work.
  • Cypherglass is a premier US EOS Block Producer Candidate featuring an experienced team, reliable infrastructure and transparent business model. To learn more about Cypherglass and how to vote with your EOS go to cypherglass.com!

Hot Headlines:

  1. EOS, Ethereum part of China’s plan for global blockchain domination. -
  2. EOS tops Chinese Blockchain Index again while Bitcoin lags at 14 - Cointelegraph

in depth discussions:

  1. Galaxy EOS VC Fund Invests In An Interactive Storytelling Platform
  2. How effective are these funding?
  3. Funding in the EOS ecosystem as a whole.
  4. NFT Projects - Upland, ChainClash.
  5. WAX

Where to find pixEOS:


Where to find Cypherglass:

Cypherglass (@CypherglassBP) · Twitter


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