Platform moves from other platforms to EOS


Will it be possible for developers to move there programs from etherium to EOS and if this is a possibility how how easy or difficult will that task be? So I’m talking about companies like BAT,STORJ, ICN etc…
if I understand it correctly with the gas prices of eth won’t it be beneficial to these companies to want to move over to the EOS platform?

Also does anybody have anything to say about the metronome Coin back 23rd by Jeff garzik? It supposedly is able to work on many black chains and connecting all of them I’d like to hear from a Dev about that .
Thanks and glad to be here


EOS uses C++ as a language for the creation of contract for the virtual machine. This gets translated into web assembly. C++ is a very well known language. So it should be possible for a lot of these projects to translate to EOS. But also a lot of others will jump in and create apps. So we’ll see dozens of them quite fast. Everything from ICOs to gambling and social networks.


I would add that in the case of decentralized storage apps like Storj, they are pretty much doomed with the introduction of EOS Storage (see EOS Storage Whitepaper). So they won’t have to move to EOS, they will be replaced by EOS File Storage capabilities, at not cost (EOS Tokens are not comsumed). You reserve token for storage. If you no longer use the storage, you get your tokens back.