Potentially Lost Coins


I have x amount of EOS in my MEW account, everything is registered and claimed etc.

I unfortunately do not have the private key (didn’t write it down for whatever reason) that belongs to my EOS public key. I do have my account name and public address.

Is there anything I can do or is my EOS stuck on MEW forever?

Thanks in advance


Looks bad I guess. If you have registered your EOS than you’ll need the private key to access your account and address. There is an option for non registered users where they use they Ethereum private key as a fallback.

You might wanna jump in to some Telegram channels that are operated by Block Producers and ask the folks with more technical knowledge about this.


Okay thanks.

Best place to go asking?


Welcome to the crrypto. You are screwed.
Lean from your misstake and better luck next time.


If you have your Ethereum private key and you registered your wallet in the EOS Smart Contract, then then you can prove you own those EOS tokens although you can’t access to them.

The best thing you can do is to go to EOS 911 Telegram chat and tell them your situation.
You can create a new account (keeping the private key) and ask them to transfer the tokens from your current unaccessible EOS account to the new account. For that you have to prove you own the Ethereum account registered eon EOS Smart Contract.