Problem generating fallback key using nano ledger and MEW



  1. Before registration, I purchased some EOS and moved them to MyEtherWallet. When I go to eosauthority and enter MyEtherWallet address, it says: “You had a total of ___ on launch”. So I know my EOS are in EOS cyberspace somewhere.

  2. To access MyEtherWallet where my EOS are stored, I use my Nano Ledger.

  3. Using the instructions at “how to generate your EOS fallback key” I opened I entered my Nano Ledger seed words where it says: “BIP39 Mneumonic” . Then, using the “Coin” drop down menu, I selected ETH. I then selected BIP44 for the Derivation Path. This generates: “account extended private key”, “BIP32 extended private key”, and other “Derived addresses”.

  4. I then go to Scatter and past the above derived private keys, but each time, Scatter is giving me this message: “Invalid Private Key”.

  5. QUESTION: Do you have any suggestions what I might be doing wrong and how to correct it?


I had the same problem as you “invalid key”
in the end they stole all my EOS from me, look at the post I wrote “invalid private key”


You might wanna check the Scatter-Telegram group for that. Looks to me you are doing things right, but I’ve never had to use the fallback-method.