Refresh Your CPU! CODEX exchange and Attic Lab allocated 15000 EOS to help traders to trade EOS and use dApps simultaneously


CODEX, EOS-oriented cryptocurrency exchange, together with Attic Lab, EOS Block Producer, launched #EOSCPUAid campaign to help traders to trade EOS and use their favorite dApps simultaneously.

CODEX acknowledges the needs of its customers and aims to offset the pain points that may arise during their trading activity. Part of CODEX traders is active users of EOS dApps. Realizing that some of them might be torn between trading and CPU staking lately, CODEX allocates a portion of its EOS holdings to the EOS CPU Aid Campaign to help its users trade while still being able to use their favorite dApps.

During the following month, all the traders registered with CODEX will be able to request a delegation of 50 EOS for CPU for three days completely free of charge.

Register on CODEX and claim your CPU (functionality will appear after registration and login):