Registering your tokens if you live in the United States


I haven’t registered my EOS tokens yet. Is there a danger that I will lose my tokens because I live in the US and they will figure it out?



I’m pretty sure everyone in the us and China are struggling with this one … I recently saw a question about reg them through an exchange (I.e letting them do all the work) however it means you don’t own them as a registered token in your name so have no claim to them don’t believe what they say if they know your a us citizen or Chinese I wouldn’t put it past them to reneg ) … another example was giving them to a friend in Another country (yes giving) in order to bypass the laws similar to block one … I.e receiving no benefits etc as per the white paper that we have all being buying these tokens under … now there’s a trust scenario that only you know how it’s going to go before it even gets to go on the block chain … at the end of the day if there not reg there worth nothing come June 1st …all the best hope you or someone can come up with a solution … I shall follow this thread with interest … tacit


My apologies their is another 48hrs after June 1st called the grace period



Yeah with SEC regulations in the U.S I guess. EOS doesn’t want to be regulated. Try registering your wallet with a VPN in Europe or something.


Hi I’m in the US and I was able to register my EOS a few weeks ago. I didn’t buy them from the ICO. My belief (or my hope) is that US citizens were only excluded from buying EOS directly thru the ICO. EOS can’t be held responsible for the acquisitions performed outside of their control. I’m hoping I will also be able to get the various airdrops as well. Hope I’m right :thinking::nerd_face:


You should be good then. Make sure to own both the Ethereum private key and the EOS private key. That way you are the owner of these addresses. No government can prevent anyone from dropping tokens on your EOS-address I guess :grinning:.

So be the owner of the keys, back them up really well and check here to see if your EOS-address is registered on your Ethereum-address.


Thank you for replying Rene! :tipping_hand_woman:t5: I appreciate it​:ok_woman:t4:


Hey guys, I am not from US and I am a newbie in the world of crypto. So forgive me if my question sounds stupid, but how the authorities are gonna figure out if you have crypto or not? Isn’t it kind of confidential info?


I’m sure that all the info should be kept anonymous and authorities have no rights to share it with government or public,


I’m from Europe and I don’t declare my crypto.
How do they know you own crypto? Can your bank rat on you?


Yes, I agree! I mean, if huge sums of money are involved, I can understand that exchanges wanna check with the government. But in case of regular customers, that’s their private business!


I believe that now with regulations being adopted exchanges and crypto supporting banks want to secure themselves reporting on everyone holding crypto. I can’t think of other explanation


Ok, got your idea at last. Yes, that’s another point. Agree with you.


Of course, banks are very anxious about the privacy and anonymity that crypto provides to the users.


Centralization provides you with security and all the stuff but sometimes they exceed their powers. For instance, I’ve recently heard of a couple of cases when my friend’s payment was stopped because it seemed suspicious for a bank. Come on, people!


Have you tried to use vpn? :smile:


Why not to stop payment, if it looks like suspicious, what if this payment is for the bad things


The banks have got withdrawal limits for those purposes. I hate when they call me to just confirm an ordinary transaction that seemed to be suspicious :rage:


I guess banks have some rules and restrictions that don’t fit every transaction. That’s why sometimes just a simple transaction occurs to be suspicious.


Have you had such situations as well?