Scatter Plugin-topic


Scatter is a plugin for your browser so you can connect to the EOS network:

Scatter is a Decentralized-Application Bridge for the EOS Blockchain.

If a decentralized application is the bridge between you and the blockchain, then Scatter is the encrypted bridge between you and the application. It handles your keys, accounts, and various other user-set definitions such as identities and private data.

Here’s the demo-page where you can download the plugin and test it on the test network:

I’m running Chrome and installed the plugin… Had to set “dev mode” in chrome just to load the plugin as an extension. I created a login and pass etc. but couldn’t connect for some reason. Anyone here who tried it?


Could not see the extension after loading it on chrome. Tried chromium too with same result.


Can you toggle “dev” on the extension page?? i needed to do that before I saw the plugin.


Tried that too without success.