Send eos to token adress


hey guy i have a problem i hope you can help me. its been nearly a year since i send some tokens to the eos token adress by accident. i already registered my eth adress when i claimed my tokens. do you think there is a chance to get them back? i already wrote supportblockone but they couldn help me. on telegram some people said that the snapshot allocated them to my eth adress so they should be in my eos acc? i really dont know what to do now so it would be great if someone can help :slight_smile:


Do you have any EOS on your Ethereum address? And do you own the private key to that?

Or do you own the EOS private key that you used to register the address on Ethereum?


i claimed them and had them in my eth adress, i wanted to send them to an exchange but accidently send them to the eos token adress. i own the eos pvt key which i used to register them right after i claimed them.


You’ve sent your Ethereum-EOS to your EOS-address??? That shouldn’t be possible I guess. If you own the private key you could access all the tokens that where on Ethereum and are now on EOS.


No i send them from my wallet to the eos-token adress.


You mean to the ICO-contract??? Sorry, I have no idea what to do about it. Maybe contact a Block Producer?


The adress you need when you want to make them visible in your wallet. So how can i contact a block producer?


Start a topic on the EOS reddit:

Explain your problem and hopefully someone can help. I don’t really understand your problem I guess. If you had EOS on Ethereum (as an ERC-20 token) and you registered an eos-address (one that starts with the letters EOS) you should have your tokens on the EOS-Blockchain right now.