SFEOS Game Design (Part 5 - The Game Canvas - A Web Scroller Game)



Hi, I’m Chadrick Mahaffey and I’m the lead dev for SFEOS. I see some familiar names from the Maidsafe forum. I just want you all to know I am posting under this account and @sfeos. I will only be posting updates under the sfeos account and talking about EOS as myself. Looking forward to getting to know you all…


Hey that’s cool! Welcome. I promoted this forum a bit over there over there :grin:. Think both SAFE and EOS could really complement each other. But great to see your project here. That’s what I hopen for by starting the topic. That projects would pop up that I’ve never heard off. Will dive a bit more in your posts about SFEOS :+1:.


Hello Chadrick and Rene, I have a question related to developing a game on the EOS platform. When will EOS be able to fully host the creation and protocol for Dapps?