SImpleEOS- Airdrops dissapeared



All my airdrops have dissapeared from my simpleEOS wallet.

does anyone else have the same issue and can shed light ?



Seems to be a bug in SimplEOS. Airdrops are not showing initially but if I swap to another account they show up. But only cashed data, as they are not on that other account, and if I transfer them the data shown in SimplEOS is not updating.

Wait for an update or use Greymass wallet.


Hi Chaka . Do you mean swap to another wallet? if its a bug ill wait it out :slight_smile:
Many thanks



Check your account online using an account explorer. My personal favourite is eosflare. To check your account on eosflare, just add you’re 12 digit account name to the end of this URL:
Personally speaking, I don’t see the point of using a wallet because they reduce your security. I have managed to keep an eye on my account and carry out every type of transaction without using a wallet. I just use eosflare to keep an eye on my account and scatter to approve transactions. It’s by far the safest way to handle your EOS. My private key is kept off my computer.
I highly recommend getting into the habit of doing this.