SImpleEOS - Is it safe


Is the SimpleEOS wallet safe. My airdrops have all dissapeared ! and am getting the below notification which looks like a phising attack ?



28th July 2018 05:52:51 UTC:
Transaction related to gyytqnbuhege

EOS transfer @ transfer
Quantity: 0.0001 EOS
From: pumpdumpwars
To: gyytqnbuhege
Memo: Happy Birthday Dan! The First Crypto Combat Game Powered by EOS . https://pumpdumpwars . com A long time ago, at the PumpDump galaxy far far away Hamsters people lived in peace and prosperity . . .


That is transaction spam. I get a lot of these as well. SimplEOS should be safe, Graymass is also safe. Make sure to get them from the right url.


Same thing happened to me today. After having trouble logging in (finding blockchain) all of my airdrops are missing as well.


Lets hope they reappear back !