Some Questions on Bandwith


Hi everyone, nice to finally see a forum for EOS. Unlike others I’m not really a technical person so had some questions and would really appreciate someone more knowledgable enlightening me.

I was reading up on the distributed storage that will be provided by EOS - I understand the part where it will not cost any tokens, and a person can use storage and bandwith proportional to the EOS tokens they’ve staked and locked etc.

What I was wondering was that, Dan Larimer says in interviews etc that people will not have to pay for the bandwidth costs of other users downloading the files etc as other users will have access to bandwidth through the virtue of the EOS tokens they own etc.

So if there’s a decentralised youtube on EOS - and a person uploads a video, will only other EOS token holders be able to download or stream the video? I understand that some free bandwidth perhaps may be provided by block producers, but if a video goes viral who covers bandwidth costs? The white paper talks about this but I just couldn’t understand who would actually pay if people do not own EOS tokens and the person who uploaded video is not willing or able to cover the cost either.

Furthermore - in the roadmap it says that parallel execution will be done after launch, does anyone know how long dan larimer will be developing for EOS?

Basically I was wondering who updates or programs EOS after Dan leaves.


Youtube gives you everything for free, but you pay them by watching ads and giving up some privacy. Same could be done on EOS. By just showing ads (hopefully not). But I have quite the same questions as you have. I guess some dApp-maker start with something like EOS-Tube. They stake 1000 dollars worth of EOS in a contract and now the miners will provide them with x-amount of bandwidth and x-amount of storage. If they grow they need more. So maybe they ask their users to stake some EOS with them as well???

You’ll probably get a lot of viewing for free. But maybe they offer to become a “power user” if you stake some. Or maybe people will donate some stake for dApps they like??

Do they refer to several blockchains in parallel? Or the computation in parallel? I can’t really recall that. I guess will work with this one for quite some time. He never left a project until it was up and running.


Thanks Rene, it was a pleasant surprise to see people from Maidsafe forum being excited about EOS too, both projects are favorites of mine - though I think EOS is bit more scattered, telgram, reddit, eostalk, steemit etc