Steemit article: "EOS will be bigger than Bitcoin and Ethereum"


This article makes quite some claims but I agree for quite a part to be honest. Although BTC will be the digital gold if you ask me. Even while it’s slow.


Decentralised technologies cannot take off until they can compete with centralised alternatives.
Let’s face it, the average consumer does not care about decentralisation. It is clear that a lot of people kid themselves into believing otherwise.

This part is very true. I think people will just run new apps when they find them interesting. In the past, these were centralized apps like Instagram. In the future it might be apps protected by private keys on networks like EOS. So people will use an alternative for twitter because they have the feeling they can be the real owners of their accounts. On twitter or youtube you never know if some new guidelines remove/demonetize your content for no reason.