Tactietoe contract doesn’t work


I build EOS on ubuntu 16.04, then follow tutorial Tic Tac Toe to run a test of it. Most things are ok, but get 2 errors:

  1. eosiocpp -g tic_tac_toe.abi tic_tac_toe.cpp
    Get wrong abi
    “____comment”: “This file was generated by eosio-abigen. DO NOT EDIT - 2018-05-18T00:43:40”,
    “types”: [],
    “structs”: [],
    “actions”: [],
    “tables”: [],
    “ricardian_clauses”: []

But the abi in the build/contracts/tic_tac_toe is ok
So I copy it to replace the abi.

  1. cleos get table tic.tac.toe initb games
    Get an empty table, after create, deploy, and move action
    “rows”: [],
    “more”: false