The chance to earn EOS and BTC in the game


It was a lot of talk about Dapps which helps to earn EOS.
However, this time I brought something else for your judgment.
The game calls TrustDice. It’s on the EOS public blockchain, so it’s impossible to cheat players in the game.

Rules are simple, you bet EOS, roll dice and play. Every 6 hours you can claim rewards(eos, txt, trybe, tpt).
The great thing about the game, they are planning to add BTC to bet. This is really fantastic.

I’ll leave links here, and you better have your own opinion about this:
Independent review:


Do I bet the real coins?
What consensus is EOS actually run by?


Hey, yes, you bet EOS coins and get EOS coins as reward if you win. Soon, it will BTC, as well.
EOS uses the DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake). It means when you bet in game on EOS blockchain, you wait 0.5 sec to create transaction(block), instead of waiting for a few minutes like on Ethereum or in BTC.

Have you tried TrustDice?


How can I contact your team? I have a proposal


Feel free to join our telegram: where you will able to speak with leader directly.


What about other coins or this is a game for EOS and BTC only?


I have not tried it yet, I’m just planning to buy some EOS. What percentage of winnings is there in your game?


No, you can bet with TPT, TRYBE, TXT, MEET.ONE in the game as well. They also have FAUCET - every 6 hours you can claim free amount of EOS and these tokens I’ve mentioned.


You can join their telegram group, so they will show how to create EOS account and start. The percentage is up to 70%. It’s also based on your strategy and Luck (yeah, TrustDice has real indicator called Luck). It helps to play better.


Great, thank you for your reply!


Hey, add us on telegram: We show you something more. Just say I’m from EOS forum.


Thanks for the explanation